ISOMAT is a Greek multinational Group specializing in the development and manufacture of building chemicals, mortars and paints. For over 40 years, ISOMAT has been making a history of quality, reliability, deep expertise and continuous business growth. It has three production units; one in the parent company in Greece and two in its subsidiaries in Romania and Serbia. In addition, it has 5 commercial subsidiaries in Germany, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Slovenia and exports to over 80 countries worldwide.

ISOMAT has developed integrated solutions for both large and small construction projects through its wide portfolio of more than 350 high-quality products falling into the following 6 product categories:

Committed to continuously developing new, pioneering, user- and environment-friendly products, ISOMAT owns a fully organized R&D department consisting of 7 chemistry R&D labs and 3 Quality Control labs (in Greece and its 2 subsidiaries in Serbia and Romania) staffed by highly qualified experts. Their mission is to continuously optimize existing products and develop a number of new, innovative, high-performing products every year in keeping pace with the ever-increasing market needs and technological advancements in the construction industry.

ISOMAT facilities in Thessaloniki, Greece
ISOMAT facilities in Thessaloniki, Greece
ISOMAT facilities in Southern Greece
ISOMAT administration building in Thessaloniki, Greece