Since its very beginning, ISOMAT has been governed by the values of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. For ISOMAT, CSR is a springboard for continuous self-improvement, as through its efficiency improvement, the company can materialize its corporate vision of improving the quality of life of both its human capital and the broader society.

For us here at ISOMAT, our people are our key asset where we constantly invest and thanks to whom we develop. The company’s primary concern is preserving highly skilled staff, ensuring safe and healthy work conditions and offering constant training through technical or educational seminars. In addition to that, our staff implements our CSR practices in their relations with our customers, understanding their constantly changing needs and providing high quality services.

As regards the environment, ISOMAT aims at implementing a policy with a view to secure sustainable development and protection of the natural environment. The company applies an Environmental Management system, certified according to ISO 14001, with a view to cut down on the consumption of available natural resources, reduce air pollution and save energy in the manufacturing of its products. Recycling is also a priority for the management and the staff, promoted under the company’s main corporate policy.

ISOMAT’s contribution also covers the field of education and culture, by participating in research programs organized by universities, while, in the context of reinforcing the field of professional training, it allows university and professional school student visits to the company’s facilities.

At ISOMAT, CRS forms part of the company’s dynamic development, in an effort to advance not just the quality of our products and services, but also the level of its contribution to society. The values of sustainable development and corporate responsibility will always govern the company, with a view to improve the life of our people and the environment. For ISOMAT, social responsibility is not a passive concept, but a road leading to a better and more sustainable future.