At ISOMAT, we are passionate with innovation and we are committed to developing new products. For this reason, our company owns a fully organised R&D department, comprised of 5 different chemistry labs and equipped with specialised scientific personnel that develops 10-20 new products every year, in keeping with changing market needs and the latest technological developments in the building sector. At the same time, the R&D department improves our current product portfolio in line with market needs or demands.

The creation of new products is a necessary process that is fundamental to our company’s strategy of constant development both in Greece and in the particularly demanding foreign markets.

In the past years, we have specifically focused on the development of a range of products for renovation and repair works. To this end, we have largely enriched our category of repair products and we have developed many new lines of decoration or renovation items. The most important group of products that we developed were the ISOMAT COLOR SYSTEM paints for interior or exterior surfaces, which opened the way for ISOMAT’s successful entry in the particularly competitive market of industrial paints. Our range of paints is upgraded every year with new and more specialised items, such as the ISOMAT wood protection line of products that are renowned for their superior quality.

The line of microcement products and decorative coating systems for floors and walls, which have achieved significant penetration in many markets thanks to their quality and their highly appealing final result, is wholly relevant to the process of renovation and aesthetic remodelling of interior and exterior areas.

In relation to building energy upgrade works, which are supported and reinforced via EU programs, we have developed the line of integrated product systems for exterior thermal insulation, namely ISOMAT THERMOSYSTEM and KELYFOS, both certified based on ETAG 005, which constitute an excellent solution for the renovation of buildings, all the while contributing to the revamping of their facades.

Moreover, in 2012 ISOMAT made a significant investment to create a complete, vertically integrated production plant of polyurethane-based products, enriching the company’s portfolio with the innovative ISOMAT POLYURETHANE SYSTEMS, that include waterproofing materials, floor coatings, sealants, primers and adhesives. ISOMAT is currently one of the few companies possessing such technology in building materials in the world, giving the company a competitive advantage for further development of export sales and penetration in new markets.