Our strategy is one of constant development and evolution.

Since it was founded in 1980, ISOMAT has recorded a gradual upward trend.
Our success is the result of various different ventures that were strategically selected by the company as a reflection of our corporate philosophy.

Our success is achieved

Through continuous investment in:

  • new vertically integrated and completely automated production plants,
  • modern mechanical equipment,
  • new and state-of-the-art building facilities,
  • continuous modernisation of our IT infrastructure (ERP, WMC, CRM, BPM etc.)

Through continuous increase of our human resources with specialized and talented staff committed to a shared vision and strategy. For us here at ISOMAT, our people are the most important asset. The company’s primary concern is preserving highly skilled staff, ensuring safe and healthy work conditions and offering constant training through technical or educational seminars.

With dedication to regular research and development in new products according to technological developments in the construction sector, in keeping up with the needs and trends of every market in which we operate. Our company owns a fully organised and modern R&D department, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and specialized scientific personnel, working in 5 different chemistry labs. The ISOMAT R&D department creates a wide range of new products every year. The R&D department works in close cooperation with the Quality Control department, which is comprised of 2 additional chemistry labs.

By creating a corporate culture that encourages employee commitment to appropriate and immediate customer service and to the creation of stronger relations with our client base. In this context, ISOMAT is strongly focusing on training its customers through seminars, while the specialized engineers of our Technical Support department are providing swift and responsible technical support to both professionals and individuals.

By insisting on an outward-looking perspective, through the creation of production and commercial subsidiaries and the opening of new markets. Having selected a clear export orientation, our company has developed an organized export sales department, aiming at the opening of new markets and at the properly attending of the current markets in which we operate. In addition to that, we have bolstered our participation with our privately-owned modern trade show booths in the major international exhibitions, in regions ranging from the Asian to the American continents. Currently, ISOMAT owns 2 production subsidiaries in Serbia and Romania, 5 commercial subsidiaries in Germany, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Slovenia, while it performs further export sales via local distributors in more than 60 countries in the world.