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Flexible microcement coating for surface finishing on floors and walls with a single, monolithic appearance

The microcement coating, deriving from the Mediterranean region, constitutes a key trend of the modern architecture.

DUROCRET-DECO FLEX is ideal for the surface finishing of floors, walls, built staircases, built countertops in bathrooms and kitchens, built baths, etc. offering unique timeless aesthetic, excellent water impermeability, high strength and abrasion resistance.

Fast and easy application
Thanks to its excellent bonding to a variety of substrates, but also to its easy cleaning, it can be used in many applications in kitchens, bathrooms, furniture and decorative elements. DUROCRET-DECO FLEX is an affordable design solution that respects the environment, where it derives from, and highlights the environment it creates.

Take a look at the fandeck.

Select the style that suits you best
Color the mixture by adding pigments (colorants) or add colored cement mortars (grouts) on the fresh cement surface. Work them up in any way you like and create original and inspiring spaces.

Watch the videos of the applications of microcement coating on floors and gypsum board.

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